I need some advise on installing a new fuel rail. I have an Ls1 engine with Ls6 intake and injectors. The engine came with Bosch fuel rail with one port. I wanted to add a return line and not use a corvette type regulator the engine builder suggested with the Bosch rail. The Bosch fuel rail has the clips to hold the top of the injectors in place. The new aluminum rail with 8 AN inlets, 5/8 diameter fuel intake, does not line up with the mounting holes. It looks like it's off 1/2 inch or so and the spacings is also off. needs an additional 1/2 to 1' lift.

Do I need clips?
any additional parts to use this rail?

I wanted these rail to flow more fuel as I'm building my car from the frame up and mush add new fuel line anyway. So my thinking is use 1/2 line to tne engine and 3/8 return with a Aeromotive stealth 340 in-tank pump and a regulator to keep the fuel pressure near 58 Lbs.

My project: 1966 Chevy II
Swartz Performance G-force frame teir II
373 gears, adjustable shocks, wilwood brakes.

Schwartz Performance, Inc.

2000 Ls1 aluminum block
Ls6 Patriot heads
Comp Cam (I will add model # later)
10.9 compression
100 mm Throttle body (cable)
Ls6 intake (mounted with large spacers?)
42 pound injectors
MSD coils
2002 Camaro (accessories, A/C, PS)
T-56 speed transmission
Pro 5.0 shifter
Mcleon twin clutch
Mcleon steel flywheel

I still need the A/C system
EFI Fuel tank
LS radiator
Mini tub and transmission tunnel work

But my frame is only days away from delivery and I'll get started peicing it together.