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98 Z-28 coolant temp sensor question

This is a discussion on 98 Z-28 coolant temp sensor question within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by mike171562 It sounds like your IAC motor is not working right. you can try taking your old ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike171562 View Post
    It sounds like your IAC motor is not working right. you can try taking your old one and installing it with the spindle pushed in and leave it unplugged. if it idles too high, take it out and pull the spindle out a little until you get the idle right.

    I had to run mine like that for a while when the tune for my IAC was all jacked up.

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    thats a good idea. ill try that one tomorrow. thank you all for your input!

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    Im kinda going towards the IAC as well. if it is the EGR, can he/she just removed it and put the blank plates? then test it out? the engine light will be on but it should work correct?

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    sounds like you're getting'd be nice to have a scanner to see what's going on there with your iac counts and what not. You can almost rule out th coolant temp as the issue......normally the symptoms of a bad coolant temp sensor will be exactly opposite of what you're describing. It'll run fine cold but when it hits closed loop it'll flood itself out. The first thing I would do is probably pull that iac and throttle body and give them and the MAF a good cleaning. Also, make sure you don't have any vacuum leaks. The pcv hoses on these cars like to crack right where it bends to go into the intake on the passenger side.

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