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71 RS swap, Going Hitech or Oldschool? what to do?

This is a discussion on 71 RS swap, Going Hitech or Oldschool? what to do? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I would like to say hi to everyone , this is my first post ( probably not the last one) ...

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    1971 RS Camaro

    Question 71 RS swap, Going Hitech or Oldschool? what to do?

    I would like to say hi to everyone , this is my first post ( probably not the last one) I make on this forum.

    Ok I have a dilemma, and I know you guys are die hard LS engines lovers so even if your answer is a biased , say it , I want to know what you think !

    The dilemma is:

    I own a 1971 RS camaro , originally a gold ext. \black int. car but now its on primer and the interior is all gone. It has a functional 350 in it, with headers , a new painless wiring kit and a 10 bolt posi rear with 3.73 gears.

    This is a very solid car , 99% rust free and i carefully picked this car since this is my favorite F-body. Its not a rare car , I haven't found the build sheet , but im pretty sure its not one of those that will sell for 150K at Barrett Jackson...I just want a car I can build to my taste and keep for my daughter.

    I own a couple of vehicles and numerous motorcycles (I use to race bikes). So it will not be my only car , and i will not go crazy about the build-up polishing every bolts and putting a 15K paint job on it. I want a very clean driver that has some serious balls but something that I can drive all the way to florida without overheating or being stuck on the side of the road.

    Here is what I want:

    capable of low 12s on street tires.
    to remain fully driveable in traffic , highway and wherever I want to go.
    RE-LI-AB-LE ...
    Its going to be manual no matter which engine I decide ( T-56 ).
    The car will look and feel like stock , including WORKING ORIGINAL GAUGES.

    So this is where I'm a bit confused and need your opinion:

    Idea # 1 : re-using the original v8 layout, maybe the stock 350 , maybe a stroker , I dont know , but Im talking about stock looking motor , with a carburetor and obviously low 12s would be harder considering i want to keep it driveable ,so I would have to give up some performance for the sake of an easier buildup.

    Idea #2 : Using a LS1 and t-56 from a donor car , refresh everything, put an LS6 intake , cam and some head work , use a plug and play ECM and wiring and I have just opened a can of worm for the build-up ...since Im dumb with electronics.

    Idea #3 Using a LQ4 or LQ9 with the same T-56, LS6 intake, cam and head work....another can of worms but also 85 pounds heavier in the nose, Do I really want that?

    Idea #4 Using an LS motor ( LQ4-LQ9-LS1) , slap the t-56 on it, BUT I would use a Demon carb on an aftermarket carbed intake. Maybe it would create less troubles doing the swap?? Would it be really easier??

    I really dont know what to do , give me your opinions it will be really appreciated.


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    I'd shoot for idea #2!
    ported/polished/milled heads, 228-230 cam, and maybe even a fast 92/92 intake and throttle body and you will be in the low 12' swap the rear for a Ford 9" or 12 bolt with some suspension goodies and you'll hok great without breaking anything

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    I'm old school and somewhat bias,,,but not against an LS swap either. The LS swaps still aren't cheap to do and do correctly so be prepared to spend some coin.

    Your goals could be met with a gen 1 motor, and I like the fact that it's done reasonably cost wise,,,,but since you appear to lean towards an LS swap I'd more than likely go with a carbed LS motor just to keep things simple and clean.
    Alot of swaps doing this now, since MSD makes a stand along ignition controller it's a piece of cake. Alot less wiring and other things to try to hide.
    It's really up to you and what you want the finished product to look like. But the engine choice will really set the theme for the car, so you would have to follow through with the rest of the car for it to come off looking right.

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    1971 RS Camaro

    Yeah Im oldschool too , also I have talked to other guys on the forum and supposedly the LQ4-9 motors when fitted with a carburetor will not clear the stock RS hood. I dont want to change the hood, and I like the stock appearance of the car (no air induction).

    it is not the motor itself that is expensive ina LS swap, its all the things around, like the tank, fuel pump, wiring and ECU programming, special headers , radiator , etc...

    Maybe a 1 gen NA motor mated to a t-56 and 4:10s would be a fun easy to built car...

    Not to mention that I have to redo my roof, build a bigger garage and dig my basement this year... and a girlfriend that loves sexy expensive shoes...

    I really like the LS motors I think they are great and Im actually swapping one in my jeep. But maybe the camaro should keep the 1st gen

    Thank you for the input guys...

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