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2000 Z28 Header/Exhaust Question

This is a discussion on 2000 Z28 Header/Exhaust Question within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Yip, I read the "Thread" and have been reading for two weeks now. I am really going to appear uninformed ...

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    2000 Z28 Header/Exhaust Question

    Yip, I read the "Thread" and have been reading for two weeks now. I am really going to appear uninformed but here goes anyway. My 2000 Z28 exhaust is stock except for Hooker Aerochamber CB. I want a new set of headers that still utilizes O2 and EGR sensors in the system and will mate-up to the stock Cats without re-inventing the wheel. Call me lazy as well but don't want fault indications and failed inspections. I don't own a tuner for deleting codes and such. Good or bad..lay it on me (I'll take it).

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    shorty headers suck for our cars, maybe a 10 hp bump.
    waste of time and money if you ask me.
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    Yeah if you are going with headers, the best choice is probably to go without the cats. there is hardly a difference between the stock manifolds and shorties anyway. If you want to dish out extra money, i think its dynatech (probably alot more too, but remember them off the top of my head) that has a setup with high flow cats and lt's. ITs probably the closest thing to a "bolt on" lt setup you can get. But hey right now im in the same place as you. Buying headers this weekend and am so confused because of all this AIR and EGR mess going on.

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