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2000 SS, M6, question about removing cats

This is a discussion on 2000 SS, M6, question about removing cats within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Well I finally pulled it off, just picked up a 2000 SS with 39K miles a few days ago. Immediately ...

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    Cool 2000 SS, M6, question about removing cats

    Well I finally pulled it off, just picked up a 2000 SS with 39K miles a few days ago. Immediately I have the itch to get the exhaust tone exactly how it should be....LOUD and DEEP. She already has the adjustable Borla catback system, and the SLP lid with K+N filter. It sounds pretty good but its just not where I need it to be. I think if I remove the cats, this will really open up some more power and really help get the deep and raspy tone I really want.

    I am not trying to do headers right now, even though I know it will be highly recommended. I just want the cats off. So finally here is my question(s): What is a good y-pipe for a good price? Is it a direct bolt on, or is there quite a bit of work that has to be done to make it fit correctly? Anybody have an idea as to how much it would cost me in labor fees to have it done (illegally) yet professionally if I show up with ORY and a wad of cash? How much more 'grumble' will this really give me with the Borla catback? Any recommendations as to where I should buy the ORY? Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.

    Glad to finally be an LS1 owner and look forward to hearing from ya guys. Thanks!

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    Bassani makes an off road ypipe for the stock manifolds. Removing the cats really increases the depth and volume of the exhaust. The Bassani ORY is pretty much a direct bolt on, definitely something you could do yourself. You may run into some issues with the bolts that hold the stock y to the manifolds. They tend to rust and snap fairly easy. Spray them down with Liquid Wrench and let it soak. It will help to break them loose without snapping them hopefully. The Bassani is kind of pricey if I remember correctly, but a nice piece. There is another company that makes an ORY for the stock manifolds but I can't remember who it is off hand, maybe someone else will chime in that remembers who it is.
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    After removing the cats the SES will be lite up. Doesn't hurt anything, just is annoying for inspection. For this problem, to pass inspection you have 2 options. 1st Have the car tuned. Tuning the computer can delete the code permanetly.

    2nd choice 02 sims. (02 sims sometimes have been known to fail over time) O2 sims plug into your wiring harness, where your rear 02s are. So its fine to do away with your 2nd set of oxygen sensors completly.

    The 1st set of oxygen senors determine the air fuel ratio. So in terms they are the critical ones. The second set of 02 sensors simply make sure your cats are functing properly.

    PM me if you would like for me to clarify any of this, sorry if I confused you.

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    The muffler shop in Florida would not remove my cats b/c its illegal! $300 in cash changed their mind. Then had custom duals also done in SS with Dynomax SS bullets. Total came to $900 from the headers back.
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