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~Hooker or Magnaflow~

This is a discussion on ~Hooker or Magnaflow~ within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Ok I have narrowed it down between these 2 do these sound with cams? Ive listened to all the ...

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    ~Hooker or Magnaflow~

    Ok I have narrowed it down between these 2 do these sound with cams? Ive listened to all the clips on ls1sounds but want personal experiences. Any drone? if so what RPMs? are they quiet? Loud? or just right? easy to talk to passengers? also were there noticable power gains? any rasp at all even at WOT?

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    I don't know if I have heard a Magnaflow but have a Hooker CB on my 2000 Z28 and love it. Slightly louder than stock at idle but a none raspy roar through the gears. Best city friendly muffler out there in my opinion for the money. Only issue I had is the dual tips (11 1/2") too long so changed to single slash 9" and look better to me. Also the passenger side has just enough clearance to clear the spare tire wheel well without hanging too low and taking on an angle. They are great, cheap and sound super. I did paint (high temp) black the pipes. The Aerochamber is black so addded a nice touch and looks tough.

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    From what I have read on here this is what I can tell you about the 2.

    Pros--Stainless, flows real well, nice hearty sound at WOT and a good idle and cruising note
    Cons--I have read and heard that with LT headers and ORY it has some rasp

    Pros--Also flows real well, and also has a nice idle note along with a great rumble at WOT, very old school muscle sounding
    Cons--NOT stainless, black muffler is ugly(not like you see it) and tips are blah normal

    Personally I went with Hooker and I love the way it sounds..
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    Both are pretty good.

    I have the Hooker and have had it for years now. I painted the insides with high temp as well. I loved the tips and polish them from time to time, but they HAVE rusted out, but on the bottom, so no one can see.

    I have headers and a somewhat off road Y pipe and there is SOME drone. Its not too bad. (not like my flowmasters on my 94 mustang which had the same exhaust as my car now)

    I think the Hooker has gotten louder, but not too much louder.

    The magnaflow I heard was on a friends Impala, but thats all it had.

    I look at catbacks as a cost effective product. I wanted a Corsa or a Borla at first, but when I saw the price compared to the HP increase, Id have to kick my own ass. Oh yeah! The "seat of the pants" feeling was minimal when I added the cat-back.

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    i have long tubes and cam
    i had a magnaflow and it was just too raspy for me.
    i changed out the muffler and no more rasp and it sounds better.
    it also quiets down the car some.
    2000 nhra edition formula
    a few bolt ons, 379 rwhp
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