Ive posted this same question in the muscle car catagory, but I want to ask it here also....Iam not sure 1976 would really be considered a muscle car year for corvette,,,,,Iam reading that 1977 was the last year that the stingray was made but Iam being told from the public it was 1976...Also I have found, garaged, a 1976 stingray with only 17,000 miles on it...I realize that I will have to confirm this, but can anyone tell me what this car may be worth....The woman that has it was left the car by her deceased husband that supposedly showed the car and took very good care of it...If documented through previous owners and all numbers matching, what could I expect to be a fair price....I have another question actually....Where can I find info about locating all of the numbers in the numbers matching conformation process....I would really love some help here guys....Thanks....Randy.....Corvettedad123@yahoo.c om