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What do you think of the new Vette?

This is a discussion on What do you think of the new Vette? within the Corvette forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Lol not a vette owner.......But I really like the body design.....I think they really look muscular.......Not a fan of the ...

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    Lol not a vette owner.......But I really like the body design.....I think they really look muscular.......Not a fan of the headlights though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vetteluv View Post
    I had a C5 and now I have a C6. I love them both. I wasn't sure if I liked the headlights on the C6's at first, but I am sure I do now.
    Well I can tell you the only thing that really dissappoints me with my Z06 is the stock weak halogen headlights. They are even worse than the 4 year old Crown Vics we drive at work!

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    With Corvette styling changes, the only Vettes that I thought looked good with the big back window/hatch were the '91-'96 C4 coupes. But I definitely love the looks of the new Z06. When trying to back up with my C5 Z06 FRC/hardtop, I understand why they went back to the large 'bubble' hatch-glass. I have never been a fan of flip-up headlights.
    From a technical standpoint, the C6 and its Z06 version, are some of the most impressive cars I have ever seen in person.
    I used to tell my friends that if I ever won the lottery, the first car I would buy would be a Ruf Turbo Porsche 911 GT2 or a Ferrari 575 Maranello (or both, duh--your a millionaire, remember?). Ever since the '07 Z06 came out, I would, instead, spend my first lottery winnings on 3 or 4 of the LS7 powered Vettes (keep dreaming, bonehead!) A couple for constant racing abuse, one for heavy modifications (for the street), and one to drive while I am working/modding on the others.
    I prefer the 'sports car' aspect of the Corvette, not the 'muscle car' classification that many speak of. The car should be sleek, low (not lowered), have wheelwells that come clear up to the top of the fenders, and accomodate wide tires that other performance/muscle/import cars can only dream of.
    I can't imagine what the next C7 will look like, but I should hope it would not be a retro throwback. The Corvette has become a great example of "forward thinking" engineering, with cutting edge technology and total performance packaging. Each subsequent generation of Corvette has been able to take advantage of cool looking styling 'tricks' that add to the car's performance in one way or another. Function and looks should be equal concerns, which Chevrolet seems to be getting better at. Sometimes a more simple approach can create an appeal to a wider audience, which is what the C5 and C6 were designed to do.

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    I like mine a lot. Best car I ever owned, bar none.

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    I can't imagine what the next C7 will look like, but I should hope it would not be a retro throwback
    GM would never do a retro throwback on the vette. they always go 1 up on the last one.
    guessing what the C7 will look like is impossible. it will look good, and thats all u have to go off of.
    it wont be for another 3 or 4 years tho.

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