Its a 99 86k miles C5 no mods 6spd.I was on the interstate and down shifted from 5th to 4th I heard a snap from under the shifter.the car stop moving and the pedal got stuck to the floor the gears go in without having to press the pedal but goes no where.Anything you do is as if its allways in nuetral Random of people recomended it was the clutch slave so I replaced the clutch,pressure plate, and slave.So we did when it was done it was up in jack stands I put the wheels on I started the car,pressed the pedal,shifted to first, and like if I was in a light I slowly removed the clutch pedal and the wheels moved in the air so I droped it to the ground and nothing happed like as if we didnt even touched the car same symthoms remain.Someone please help in fustrated.Thanks for looking though
And no its not the shift linkage cuz every tells me thats it