well i have done more work on my car than i would have liked to latley, but i had a problem with my TSP (texas speed and performance) headers i got a few months back.
the drivers side header was hitting the bellhousing. bad.
so i called TSP. after a few weeks of emails. i got a replacment.
but that one didnt fit either.
so it was kooks (3 weeks out) or ARH. (2 days from A&A)
and after a quick call the A&A, and excelsior motorsports....
(both shops recommended ARH)
i decided on ARH.
and andy got them to me in 2 days!

and man do they go in easy! on jack stands, from the bottom, 2 min. each side...... wow, it took longer to get the TSP's OUT!, but they are alot longer..

as far as the AR product? A+ in my book! quality was a 10, fitment was a 10,
ease of install was amazing! this kit was VERY well thought out.

i took a few pics to show the diff. in size.
i also took some weights for ya.


X/H pipe....

total.... +/-
stock- 70
TSP- 55
ARH- 48

so the ARH kit saved me 7 pounds over TSP even adding cats!
and saved 23 pounds from stock!
this is a great kit! and so easy to install from home! i had it done
in about 4-5 hours. by myself.

i am going to recheck my tune at excelsior motorsports asap and will post up any changes in power between the two kits.

just wanted to share that with you all.....