Trailer Security Guide - Car Trailer Basics 101, Part III

Equipping Your Trailer & Tow Rig For Maximum SecurityRecently, we've heard of a number of car trailer thefts, with several including the theft of the entire rig. The most recent was at a hotel right across from where we were staying, which got us thinking that there were additional security steps we could-and should-be taking. I used to think that the focus of thieves would be the car inside the trailer, but lately it seems some thieves have found it easier to just steal the whole rig.inline_mediumwraptextright0029067586/techarticles/corp_1006_trailer_security_guidecorp_1006_01+trail er_security_guide+.jpgtrue

Photo Gallery: Trailer Security Guide - Trailer Security Basics To Keep Your Vette Safe - Corvette Fever Magazine

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