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Thinking about a Vette

This is a discussion on Thinking about a Vette within the Corvette forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hey Ya'll, This is my first post in here, or any LS1 Forum, for that matter so hello. I am ...

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    C5 Dreamin

    Thinking about a Vette

    Hey Ya'll,
    This is my first post in here, or any LS1 Forum, for that matter so hello. I am seriously considering getting a 1999-01 C5 Vette here in the next couple weeks and i just had a few questions. First off this will be my daily driver so i want to make sure that the thing will start every morning. My main concern that i have is some of the mileage(sp) on the vettes im looking at are in the 70-90K mile range and i just wanted to know if A.) any of you all have had problems with yours (not modified) and B.) How do you like it? I am coming from a 2001 SALEEN so i am not new to performance. I want any type of comment or criticism that you can think of about the corvette, Not about the FORD =), as this will help me make my decision. Thanks for your input and hopefully i will be a proud owner here pretty soon.

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    2000 Camaro SS

    I would trust a lt1 with that kind of millage before i would trust many LS1's that i don't know the history

    my car has a LS1 and i have had it rebuilt a few times under warranty,
    it was just this fall that GM replaced it for me with a brand new engine.

    either way it blew up with 60k on it. then the second time was 70k (poor build in my mind)

    then so on.
    now i have 80 k and a brand new engine

    so my recommendation is to find a vette with lower millage. and make sure it hasnt been abused.
    listen to the engine on a cold startup and see if it has any noise or knocking.
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    2000 Camaro SS Black Loaded LS1 6-Speed T-Tops, STS Rear-Mount Turbo, 42Lb Injectors, Racetronixs Fuel pump upgrade system, Custom Tune by Rick Squires @ STS Turbo, Goodyear F1 DS-G3 275 40zr17's. 3.73Rear End.

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    68000 on my Vette. Only issue was a battery and A/C actuator.

    126000 on my Camaro before it sucked in a allen wrench. The Camaro had over 200 1/4 mile passes. No issues with the motor at all.

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    2001 Corvette

    Some 2001 Vettes with the MN6 transmission had excessive oil consumption issues.My 2001 A4, however, uses no oil between changes.I bought it used three years ago with 17000 miles on it,and have had absolutely no problems with it.There are many low milage C5 Corvettes out there for sale.
    Take your time,and the right one will come along.Good Luck!

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    1999 Corvette Coupe

    We bought a 1999 A4 in 2002 and have enjoyed the car ever since. It had 29,000 miles on it when we bought it and now has 44,000 miles. It has never given us a bit of trouble with starting or running. We have had intermittent problems with electrical systems (windows, seat controls, etc). I did have to replace one of the headlight open/close motors once. Consumer Reports shows that for 'vettes, the 1999 has fewer electrical problems than some other years.

    The only recurring problem we have had is with the A/C. It has the auto climate control system and after operating just fine for an hour our so, it will just start blowing hot air all by itself. The only fix is to turn it down to the lowest point on the scale (60) and contol it manually.

    We have not changed anything on the car except to add a Borla cat-back for a little more sound.

    We are happy with the car.

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    2001 corvette

    I have a 2001 Navy coupe 4 sale with 22,000 miles on it mint condition. I have had all sorts of cars and this has been my favorite so far. It has 400+ hp with chrome Z06 wheels 18" front & back. I am selling for 28,500 It has headers exhaust, ram air, & 390 gears. All bolt ons so no problem being an everyday driver. It doesn't burn any oil either! Call me at 215-942-8767 if you are interested or send an e-mail to and I can send you some pics.


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    02 Collector Edition TA

    Just look close at whatever car you get, remember it is a performance car and many owners drive it as one and generally beat on them pretty hard. The LS1 like many GM motors is very dependable and seldom has problems, you should have no worries about a 80k car as long as it was taken care of and driven with respect. Your also much better off looking at a used vette than an F-body mostly because the vettes aren't usually driven as hard as the f-bodies are.

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