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This is a discussion on rpms within the Corvette forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; what rpms to do you all shift at going down the 1/4?...

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    what rpms to do you all shift at going down the 1/4?

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    Here for entertainment 502ci's Avatar
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    Dec 2005

    97 6-speed corvette

    5900 to 6000 rpm when I`m going for broke , rev limiter is set 6200.
    When bracket racing I will shift at 5500 rpm and granny shift 2nd to 3rd, don`t want to miss that shift , like I said only when bracket racing, test and tune is 5900 to 6000.
    On the street I set my shift light to around 5600.
    Could not live without that shift light (keep those eyes on the road).

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    cincinnati/northern ky

    99 SS

    mine is set at 6,500 but makes power to 7,000 dont want to push it to the max.

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