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Possible purchase, need your thoughts/input

This is a discussion on Possible purchase, need your thoughts/input within the Corvette forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hey all! I am new to and have to say, looks like an awesome community. Looking for some thoughts ...

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    Possible purchase, need your thoughts/input

    Hey all! I am new to and have to say, looks like an awesome community. Looking for some thoughts on a c5 Corvette coupe i am thinking of buying. It's a 1997 coupe, automatic. Has 23k miles, and is owned by a sweet little old couple. Completely stock. The color is Light carmine red with a black glass targa top and light gray interior. Garage kept. They are asking 16k and are pretty firm on that price. So that is where my question comes in. Is that high/low/fair? Looking around I see pretty wide range of pricing. Any help would be fantastic. I am not in a big rush to buy, so if it is high I can walk away. Thanks so much all and happy New Year!

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    Welcome to the site!

    That does not sound bad at all to me. I've driven a couple of C5's and they are great cars. Note that even with the low mileage that you will want to pull a complete service on the car (unless already done) -- flush the cooling system, hoses, belts, transmission fluid and filter, etc... Also, take a darn good look at the tires for dry rot. Recommended change interval these days, irrespective of remaining tread life, is 6 years.

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    I wouldn't buy a 97 btw. They have an inferior oil pump, ls1 block vs ls6, inferior heads not 241s or 243s, ls1 intake, and the oil pan is expensive as fuck and prone to leaking. Also the fuel pump is inferior as well and is different than the later style. Just buying a later year like 2001 you can get a better car all around especially if you aren't going to mod it but even if you are its a better car to start on. I feel like that is a little high, yes the miles are low but I got my 2001 c5 in immaculate condition for only $19000. If you have any other questions in regards the c5 let me know as I do have one.
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    Thanks so much guys for the input. Alot there i did not know about the early model issues.

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    I wouldn't call them "issues" so much as just that the car was not as good. 97 was the first year for the C5, so the kinks hadn't been worked out yet.

    Regarding the C5, like Will says, 2001 or 2002 are the ones you'd want to ideally target.
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