Paint Materials Guide - Color Chemistry

Understanding paint top-coat materialsWhen it comes to the world of automotive refinishing, it seems as though the varied specialized products are nearly endless. When considering the types of primers below and the color and possible clear coats that may follow, there certainly are a wide range of product types, and it pays to become familiar with them. Each manufacturer of paint products offers their own specific line of primers and paints, providing a "system" approach to refinishing. The logic here is simple, basically providing a blueprint for taking an automobile body through the refinishing process. This blueprint provides recommendations on compatible products within the product line from the first layer of primer through to the final application of top coat. From the standpoint of utilizing a proven process in refinishing your Corvette, it's hard to argue with the logic of following the manufacturer's directions from start to finish.

Photo Gallery: Paint Materials Guide - Corvette Paint Top-Coat Materials Explained - Corvette Fever Magazine

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