Is there a step by step tutorial how to prepare a C5 for a balancer replacement?

This is how far I came:

1. Loosen the wheel nuts (5x 17mm socket per wheel).
2. Jacking up the front and securing it.
3. Recheck the Steering-Wheel is centred
4. Disconnecting the battery (8mm socket), demounting the drive belt (15mm socket), evacuating the power steering fluid (btw.: what are the GM-specs for this fluid?)
5. Demounting the wheels
6. Sway bar: Disconnecting the endlinks (2x 18mm wrench / 6mm allen screw), disconnecting the “rubber” (4x 13mm socket)
7. rod ends from the steering knuckles: Disconnected (2x 18mm wrench / 6mm allen screw)

This is pretty much it.

Could somebody please complete this list up to the point, where I can work on the balancer? If possible with photos please!

Greetings from Germany,