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Need a little help here weird problem

This is a discussion on Need a little help here weird problem within the Corvette forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I have a 98 C5 with 6speed I've been noticing a lack of power from time to time & even ...

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    Need a little help here weird problem

    I have a 98 C5 with 6speed I've been noticing a lack of power from time to time & even more recently . I took the air boot off & had a buddy work the accelerator pedal from idle position to full throttle (engine off)& the throttle on the motor never did reach full throttle .And with the accelerator pedal @ full throttle it never did go to the same position it was different every time any where from 1/4 to 3/4 but never full throttle position . I took the accelerator pedal out of the car & used an digital meter on it seems to be ok ??? Any help would be great .

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    Hmmm...if the pedal is sending the right signals, then it's either the computer or the TB that's messing up (if indeed it is messing up, can't really be sure without seeing what the throttle blade does under real-world conditions...). Have you pulled the codes? It's a good place to start as it's free and doesn't getcha dirty . Next up on the cheap/easy list is ensuring the TB is properly lubricated, etc...Once beyond those, it starts to get techie/expensive I'm afraid .

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    I don't think your test of the thorttle with you boddy operating it was a valid test of if thr throttle is working. These cars have eletronic throttle and its likely the PCM just decided you didn't need full throttle then . . .

    I'd take it somewhere good to get it fully tested.

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    Disconnect the battery and let it do a relearn, and resync itself.

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