I have posted this to a couple of forums so sorry for the repeat if you have seen this on other forums.

I think other people have already posted a lot of pictures from the show on other web sites but in case these are of interest, I went to the Detroit Auto Show/North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) yesterday for one of the automotive industry preview days (16 & 17th).

Here are some pictures of the car, of the engine and of the chassis/engine/driveline display they had. We created a web page for them all at:

The sectioned display engine still had a three bolt camshaft so it might have been an early prototype engine (I assume they have switched to a single bolt camshaft on the production LS9 engines like the later LS2 engines use but I could be wrong):

My camera doesn't take great pictures but you can see one of the piston oil squirters/jets in this image (and the dished pistons):

Here you can see the new oil cooler (liquid to liquid type):

Here you can see the 11 rib pulley on the supercharger:

Everything seemed a bit lower key at the show compared to previous year's shows but overall a great show as usual. 5 or 6 hours and I almost sat in every car in every booth (I am no fun to go with to car shows 8-) ).