Hi Guys, Here's the latest from APS for the guys wanting an extreme fuel system to cater for up to 1000 HP LS2 FI engines. Large injectors (60 lb per hour) and a boost a pump are good for around 600-650 whp, after that a serious fuel system is required to ensure reliable, safe and consistent fuel flow.

The APS extreme fuel system incorporates a drop in twin fuel pump/anti surge tank assembly manufactured in high quality stainless steel, twin teflon lined stainless fuel supply lines, twin billet alloy high volume fuel rails, twin 58 PSI pressure referenced fuel regs (one per cyl bank), a full fuel return system with hoses and hardware and a plug in wiring harness for direct battery powering to ensure reliable power hence fuel pump operation.

The 60 lb per hour injectors shown in the pic are optional (not part of the extreme fuel system) as these injectors are part of the APS twin turbo system, no point including another set of injectors as APS twin turbo owners already have them. I hope you guys like the APS engineered fuel system approach, I should have indictive pricing within the next few days.


PS - More info and pics here for the guys who are interested, http://www.airpowersystems.com.au/co...uel_system.htm