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LS1 into 84' Vette?

This is a discussion on LS1 into 84' Vette? within the Corvette forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Right now I own an 1984 Corvette, as many of you guys might know the stock engine is a dog. ...

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    Lightbulb LS1 into 84' Vette?

    Right now I own an 1984 Corvette, as many of you guys might know the stock engine is a dog. The Crossfire engine is notoriously bad, and was replaced the following year by the L98. I'm looking to take that one step further.

    I'm looking at trying to find a scrapped LS1 off a Camaro/Firebird and swap it into my car after a possible performance rebuild. I want a LS1 because of the excellent torque compared to the LT1 and the greater after-market, aside from the obvious facts that it's newer and a better design. I hope to find an engine with a manual transmission, so I can also drop in a clutch to my car as it is unfortunately an automatic.

    I figure I might drop a good four or five grand on a motor, and maybe another half a grand on parts. The good thing is that I have time on my side, the car isn't a daily driver and has a nice garage to sit and wait until it has a new engine.

    Does anyone have any advice? Are there any kits? Is this worth doing? Will the LS1 fit inside a C4 engine bay (I would think so). Can I get a LS1 cheaper or will it cost more? What's the best way to get an LS1? Should I go with another engine? What modifications should I do to my LS1 while I have it out of the car before I install it if I'm looking for some good performance?

    Anything that anyone has related to this subject would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for all the replies!

    By the way, if anyone wants to see a video it's hosted at another forum of which I am a member.

    It won't let me post a URL so just copy and paste this and add a w at the beginning:


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