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Looking for a C5

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    Looking for a C5

    Welp its time to move on up
    Im selling my WS6 and looking for a C5 (my mom is ALSO in the market for a C3/C5)

    anyways i dont have to have a Z06... but i definantly want M6
    it would be nnice if i could find someone who want to trade their vette for my WS6 and $$$

    enough rambling...

    what should i look for in a vette? anything i should stay away from or any specific problems that i should check for?
    please share your knowledge

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    Also any suggestions on where to look...
    Ive been searching craigslist, ebay, auto trader and tech alot but....
    Any other places i should look?

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    Download the craigslist app for your phone. I check craigslist,ebay, and autotrader probably 4 times a day. Good luck to you! Prices should start to drop here in the next few months

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    I'd go with anything 2001-2004, seeing as they all get the LS6 intake and block.... DON'T buy the first one you see, unless it's pretty damn good lol,. I spent 11 months looking and test drove 5 C5's before I found mine.

    Check out Corvetteforum, lots of good sticky's over there on what issues C5's have and what to look for when you test one out.


    * Completely new, redesigned Corvette. Base (FE1) and Z51 (FE3) suspension packages.
    * All Z51 cars include: Power Steering Cooler, xx, xx, ??
    * 97-00 C5 LS1's produce 345 HP @ 5600 RPM and 350 Ft Lbs of torque @ 4400 RPM.


    * Convertible becomes available
    * Active Handling becomes available late in year
    * The two slots of a 1998 (and possibly late 1997s) curve toward the rear at the bottom. (versus straight down)


    * 26# injectors substituted for 28#
    * Fuel pump revised to reduce noise
    * FRC "Fixed Roof Coupe" aka the hardtop, becomes available. All FRC's are MN6 (6-speed) cars with the Z51 suspension package, and are about 60lbs lighter than coupes.
    * HUD introduced
    * only one line in driver's side fuel rail cover (no fuel return line?)
    * Power telescoping wheel becomes an option
    * ? Steering hardware changed to combat wandering
    * door sill trim plates added


    * Millennium Yellow available (Couple + 'Vert only)
    * "Thin Spoke" versus "wagon wheel" design wheels become standard.
    * Pup cats added to CA and New England models for LEV emissions requirements (5hp loss relative to 97-99)
    * Steel front swaybar endlinks instead of plastic on Z51 equipped cars
    * Z51 swaybar diameters grow (25.4/21.7 to 28.6/21.7 to 28.6/23.6 (note: new rear same as Z06)
    * No keyhole on passenger side doorhandle
    * Passenger airbag 'off' switch added to console during late model year (light by TC/AH button)


    * return to 28# injectors for all models.
    * Second Generation Active Handling
    * Nassau Blue discontinued
    * Alternator 'clutch' pulley added on A4 cars
    * New soundproofing + foam in all cars
    * Smaller keyfob
    * electrochromic dimming rearview and driver's mirrors
    * lighter AGM battery
    * Thickness + Material in vert change
    * Chrome exhaust tips for coupe + vert
    * 85MM MAF with integral temp sensor (versus 74mm with separate plug for IAT)
    * LS1 cam profile changed to: .500/0.500, 198/208 on 115.5LSA (From: 0.472/0.479, 202/210 on 117)
    * All Corvettes now have the LS6 intake manifold
    * All Corvettes now have the LS6 engine block (windage passages in block), which includes a beefier oil pump.
    * LS1 changes result in new output of 350 HP @ 5200 RPM and 375 Ft Lbs of torque @ 4400 RPM (MN6)
    * Hardtop/FRC discontinued
    * Pup cats added to all models
    * Stronger synchros in all transmissions
    * Exhaust manifolds revised (5hp regained) - thin wall cast replacing SS manifolds
    * metal valvestem caps (late year)
    * Torque Tube changed from metal-matrix composite to aluminum alloy 6061, increased in dia from 55 to 63 mm.
    * Driveshaft couplings have also been upgraded on manual-equipped models for additional strength and durability
    * Introduction of the Z06, which has as differences:
    o hardtop body style
    o rear brake ducting
    o screened inlets on front fascia, without foglights
    o F1 supercar tires 265-17 front, 295-18 rear, on 17x9.5 and 18x10.5 (one inch wider, respectively
    o new LS6 top-end with new style head design (10.5:1 compression, 64cc chamber), LS6 cam (0.525/0.525, 204/211 on 116) - 385hp
    o M12 transmission with shorter gearing (1-2-3 analagous to MN6 with 3.90 rear diff
    o Titanium exhaust system
    o lightweight windshield
    o New, stronger clutch with redesigned master + slave cylinder
    o Stronger rear differential (shotpeened ring gear)
    o Red brake calipers (otherwise identical)
    o Trans overtemp warning light on DIC
    o 6500 redline gauges with special checkering + Z06 font
    o redesigned PCV system to help combat oil burning
    o Red LS6 Fuel Rail Covers (FRC's)
    o FE4 Z06 suspension - uprated springs, bars (30mm/23.6mm), shocks (note front spring and rear bar same as Z51)


    * Z06 Changes:
    o Z06 LS6 cam changed to: 0.551/0.547, 204/218 on 117.5
    o Less restrictive intake airbox lid
    o Descreened MAF
    o Removal of pup-cats (total with changes = 405hp)
    o Z06 shocks revised with less rebound for better launching
    o Z06 brake pads revised for better stopping (generate more dust)
    o Lighter, sodium filled valves w/ stronger valvesprings
    o higher tension rings installed to prevent oil burning problems
    o slight piston redesign *
    o clutch strength upgraded.
    o HUD available on Z06 (not avail '01 model year)
    o Wheel supplier changed to Speedline, moved from forged to cast. Weight nearly identical
    * Electron Blue color offered
    * Steel endlinks changed to aluminum


    * Late model-year new fuel system design from C6's

    Z06 shocks further refined. Accompanying upper front control arm bushing, and rear swaybar bushing changes.

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    Damn thanks. Im supposed to go look at a 01 z06. Trading my ws6 possibly for it

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