Hi everyone!
I have a 2000 LS1 in a 33 Ford street rod. And I cannot get it to idle!
It has a wiring harness and from Streeet and Performance. And NOW has a computer from them too.

For some reason the Idle Air Control Vavle opens?

OK! This is what I have done so far!
I have had 3 people look at it. 2 came to my shop with scan tools. Both did NOT get any codes that would tell them what was causing it. But we did find out that I didnt have a vacuum leak. Or anything worng with the enigine.

I can unplug the IACV and remove it. Pull it out by hand reinstall it. And the engine will idle as long as I leave it unpluged. As soon as I plug it back in the computer will open it.

We took it to a Chevy garage. And they pointed to a bad computer. Since the computer we were using (at that time) was a used on. And also found out that it was out of a 98 Firebird V6.

So we just spent $500.oo on a new one. From Street and Performance. That would be programed to our engine and transmission.

Just installed it! And it is still idling high!

So what do you guys think it could be????????????????

Hope someone on here can help me out!
Thanks Shannon Anderson
You can give me a call at 812-820-0274