Hello Guys!!
I am in Germany, info on LS7 motors in 1960 Corvettes is really hard to find.
So, here I sit with a LS7, 65E trans on a "Street Shop" chassis looking to put it under a 1960 Corvette. Since I have never even SEEN a LS motor, I am hoping someone will guide me in the right direction!
Where can I get a service book on the LS7? I have the GM "install a LS1" book, but can't fine a simular book on the LS7.
I am using the GM computor kit.
The Vette oil tank is a bad fit. I'll make a new one. Bigger is better, right?
Also, what kind of pressure does the oil return have? Does the GM harness require the oil temp sender from the stock tank to be connected?
Best places to install the oil pressure, water temp senders?
Really would like to find a book on this install!!!
Thanks for reading, and hello from a new guy!