So I'v been restoring a 2003 z06 same one i sold my 98 Z28 A4 STS Maro for (first ever new car at that I miss it) for a couple years now,that I picked up super cheap (was super rough but SUPER POTENTIAL had lots of parts in boxes and mods already done I thought done right at time now know different), I expected to finish in March but now it's looking Nov/Dec; Car is done except for interior a couple gauges, and re-mating the trans/motor/combo to body after repaint it's finally straight baby! So Problem!!!

Anyone know how to get the brake pedal assembly out? Or get at the pivot bolt / (think there is a valve there as well)?? Am I missing something or is it really this big a PIA? I can't find a DIY about it anywhere. Please any ideas would help, I'm wondering if this is what the wiper motor access cover bubble thingy is for since it almost lines up. Don't wanna break fiber dash if I don't have to, can imagine the hell making it ever look right after all this time and effort.

Also question Opinion what is the best book available for the 03 C5 z06 technically for rebuilding; Diagrams, good instructions, accurate. Is there an available shop guide?

More info (what I'v tried, back story etc):

So Monday eve after work I started an adjustable master install. Got a wrong bolt lose, during pedal removal. So after preping part to go back in I tried to re-tighten and she just a keep spinning (no in or out) so sure it's blind. Beyond that found lots of bad wiring rust etc under the dash as I have intent to clean this car up BEST I CAN. Removed most of it all that is left now is the brake -> booster , steering column (two bolts at rear), some connected wiring and clips, ac unit behind radio, and it's associated cage; Guess it's really dash and interior frame work; gas brake pedal assembly thing (clutch pedal got pulled); I'm detailing, cleaning etc all the parts so I wasn't against all the hassel and man it's a ton of extra work I didn't think I was gonna do, car is loaded, HUD, Cobalt gauges so much nice stuff so rushed in; Re doing it all rite once hope to never ever have to dig this deep again. Would ignore 1 slightly loose bolt but noticed that the brake pedal is wobbling horribly side to side compared to how it was before I spun wrong bolt as well 700hp car brake pedal falls off (@(#$(.

Thks for anyinfo or humor I'm heart broken should be going other direction already with this beast!!!!
2003 Blk Z06 / forged 346 dry sump / 9.7:1 comp / home done heads / TT+IC+Meth+DaulStage / Wolf "Real Frame Cage and modified to MY liking" / DynoJet WB02 / HPTuners/ ShortShifter/ Racetronix Fuel Pump and harness upgrade/ KB boost-a-pump / so much gotta make a signiture Exedy Twin / LG Sway Bar / LG Bilstien Coil over kit / Wilwood SL-6 front brakes / Pfadt Trans and motor mounts, DFI trans cage, DFI insulated tunnel plate, next is trans internal hardening, and interior bits drivers door.