Corvette Starters - Crank And Hope

Solutions to common Corvette starting system problemsWhen it comes to turning over, it always seems that Corvette starters tend to dislike two things: Compression and heat. Increase the compression ratio and the starter isn't happy. Increase the temperature and it gets grumpy. Mix high temperature (engine and ambient) with a higher-than-normal static compression ratio and the starter becomes downright cantankerous. To make matters worse, whenever the thermometer really rises, you too can personally approach the boiling point, particularly if you have a Corvette that refuses to crank over, let alone start. Sound familiar? If it is, then you need to check out the following pages. It's a look at modern starting systems, aimed directly at modified Corvettes that, appropriately, have added heat under the hood (as you know it's an all too familiar saga--adding horsepower adds heat). And it's jammed with real cures for hot starting headaches. Take a look. You won't be sorry.

Photo Gallery: Corvette Starters - Troubleshooting Common Starting Problems - Corvette Fever Magazine

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