Corvette Insurance - A Classic Solution

How to save money with collector car insurance for your CorvetteSure, we think all Corvettes are collectable but it came as a surprise to me that new Corvettes, and relatively new Corvettes, can qualify for the much lower collector car rates. How much lower? Collector car rates are generally one third to a half of family auto policy rates. As a rule of thumb, collector car insurance policies run less than one percent of a car's value per year. The policy for a $15,000 car might run around $150 per year, but there is a minimum amount-policies are seldom written for less than $100 per year. On the other end, for high value cars, policy costs decrease even further to around six dollars per year per $1,000 of the car's value. For example, a Corvette valued at $60,000, might be insured for about $350 a year.inline_mediumwraptextrightYour late model Corvette may qualify for Collector Car Insurance. If it does, you'll save a bundle on insurance each year. The primary requirement is that it is not used as a daily driver-it's only used for special occasions.30979812/techarticles/corp_0912_corvette_insurancecorp_0912_01+collector _car_insurance_guide+corvette_z06.jpgTrue

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