Corvette Garage in Florida - Garages For Collector Corvettes

A Hurricane-Proof Retirement Garage That Will Blow You AwayThis month, we are continuing our Garages for Collector Corvettes series. From the overwhelming positive response we received from our first article on John Hinckley's garage, we hope to be running these for quite some time. Many of us are fans of great garages, and lots of us are always trying to improve our own garage's function. To this end, these ongoing articles will feature garages with emphasis on how their owners improved the garages' function, solved various problems, and so on. Whether you are currently planning your dream garage or just improving your current Corvette's abode, our goal with this series is that what we discuss will inspire you and give you solutions to your garage plans.

Photo Gallery: Corvette Garage in Florida - Corvette Fever Magazine

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