Corvette Fuel Systems - Fueling The Fire

How to plan and set up a fuel system for your Chevrolet CorvetteFlash back over three and a half decades. It was a gorgeous late spring day. Temperatures were in the mid to high eighties. The t-tops were off. The big block was running at full song. Seemingly in an instant, the gas pedal went spongy. The rat motor stumbled a wee bit, and then simply quit. We popped the hood in an effort to diagnose the problem. As it turned out the combination of a tight engine compartment, big compression (the factory LS6 was fitted with 12.25:1 pistons and converted to LS7 internal specifications) and big tube headers was simply too much for the fuel delivery system - big stock fuel pump and all. The fuel was percolating in the fuel bowls as well as in the fuel lines. The recurring dilemma was eventually overcome with almost every band-aid fix known to man. But it was never wholly resolved. Aside from boiling the fuel, there likely wasn't sufficient volume to satisfy a thirsty, big horsepower big block.

Photo Gallery: Corvette Fuel Systems - Planning Your Vette's Fuel System - Corvette Fever Magazine

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