Corvette Fever Muscle Challenge at 2008 YearOne Experience
Corvette Fever Muscle Challenge at 2008 YearOne Experience
Calling all street-legal Corvettes! Youve talked about your quarter-mile times at the car shows, now it's finally put-up or shut-up time. Through the combined efforts of Corvette Fever and YearOne, you will have the opportunity to prove your Corvettes mettle on the drag strip for bragging rights and prizes at the YearOne Experience, May 16-18. If you are chosen to compete in this unique event, your attempt to take down all opponents on Atlanta Dragway's super-sticky quarter-mile strip will be chronicled in Corvette Fever magazine.
The rules are simple: your ride must be insured, registered, inspected, and legal for public roads, and it has to survive a 25-mile test loop on the street without puking, breaking, or doing anything else to lose composure in the presence of the magazine staff. It must represent the Corvette nameplate proudly on the drag strip because if the Mopars or Pontiacs are quicker, well never live it down. The quickest Corvette will take home a big trophy for the mantle and a YearOne gift certificate for parts. A pump-gas combination is not mandatory, and slicks are allowed.
To be considered for this battle of drag strip supremacy, you must compose a brief synopsis of your Corvette's combination that includes year, model, engine size, transmission, rear gear, and best ET/mph to date. Also throw in a few low-res photos of the body, engine, and interior, and tell us why you think your Corvette is quicker than all the others that will show up. Be sure to include your name address and phone numbers so we can get back to you.
Entries can be mailed to:
Corvette Fever Muscle Challenge
9036 Brittany Way
Tampa, FL 33619
Or, email your information to:
Don't wait too long as the cutoff date for entries is April 15, 2008. Participants chosen will be notified by phone by April 22, 2008.
Criteria to participate:
1. All cars must be street legal.
2. This event will be compiled of two individual segments. Each car will be evaluated on it's own merit--drag strip 1/4-mile e.t., and reliability - how it handles daily driving.
3. If your car is chosen to participate, your car must make at least four passes down the drag strip. We will take the best time of your runs for scoring.
4. All cars will have functioning accessories (lights, gauges, windshield wipers, etc.), and finished interiors (i.e. door panels and finished carpeting)
5. Any fuel except alcohol legal.
6. Slicks will be allowed for the racing portion.
7. Your car must pass NHRA tech for the e.t. it runs. EXAMPLE: If your car runs quicker than an 11.50 second e.t., you must have the appropriate NHRA approved safety equipment for that e.t.
8. No dealer-tagged vehicles allowed. All vehicles/drivers will possess a valid registration and have a valid insurance card with the car entered listed on the card.
9. Red light starts have no effect.
10. All participants/drivers must be 18 years of age, and all car owners must be present.
11. All participants must sign a liability waiver before participating.

Photo Gallery: Represent the Corvette Namplate at the 2008 YearOne Challenge - Corvette Fever Magazine

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