Corvette Car Covers - Protecting Your Corvette

Selecting the right car cover for your investmentSelecting the correct cover for your Corvette is an important decision and not something to be taken lightly, particularly if you're serious about protecting your interior and exterior paint and trim. Various factors will enter into your cover choice, but the most important is where you are parking or storing your Corvette. Do you simply need a garage dust cover or a super cover that will stand up consistently to inclement weather? Both types, and everything in between, are available from aftermarket suppliers; but here we'll look at some of the criteria surrounding Corvette covers and how to select the right one for your contemporary or classic.inline_mediumwraptextright27635794/techarticles/corp_0310_corvette_car_coverscorp_0310_01+corvette _car_covers+.jpgTrue

Photo Gallery: Corvette Car Covers - Cover Basics To Protect Your Corvette - Corvette Fever Magazine

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