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Convertible Vettes and that Fiberglass body ...

This is a discussion on Convertible Vettes and that Fiberglass body ... within the Corvette forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; So its 2 little quick questions in one .. I see a lot of C5 convertibles for sale , but ...

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    Convertible Vettes and that Fiberglass body ...

    So its 2 little quick questions in one .. I see a lot of C5 convertibles for sale , but I do not have a garage, you think it will be ok sleeping outside ..The second part of the question is do Vettes seem to get more little chips in them ... Im not looking to get a to new Vette, just something to drive ,and a M6 ... I also see a few real good C4s but I think the LT1 would be a step back from the GTO .. Thoughts , advice ???

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    I can't comment on the convertible question because I've never owned one, but as to the other questions: 1) I don't believe they chip any easier or more than any other cars, but as any car ages wear and tear happens. 2) a c4 corvette is at least 2 steps below the performance of a LS2 GTO, I think it beats the vette by 1.1 sec in the 1/4 mile and 1 sec. 0-60, that's HUGE period. A C5 LS1 corvette is close to the same level of performance as your GTO, Same 0-60 numbers and .2 sec slower in the 1/4 mile, but it will outperform your GTO in handling, lighter, lower, wider, wider tires, better weight distribution with the transmission in rear.

    I have driven lots of C4 and C5 corvettes and, in my opinion, unless you really prefer the looks to a C4 to a C5 (which some do), the C5 is superior in almost every way to the C4 and worth the extra $

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