Chevy Big Block Cylinder Heads PCV valves - Proper Breathing Techniques

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Big-Block Chevy HeadsCylinder heads are understandably a vital ingredient in any recipe for "porcupine" horsepower pie, so whether the big-block in your Corvette is being built for street performance, drag racing, road racing, autocrossing, or simply holding down the garage floor, the heads must be properly matched to the pistons, camshaft, and intended usage if an engine is to deliver anticipated performance. Countless numbers of big-blocks have had all visions of glory destroyed by misdirected "experts," who either selected the wrong castings, or took a wrong turn while modifying them for maximum power. Such mistakes aren't uncommon because ego and poor judgment frequently win out over common sense.

Photo Gallery: Chevy Big Block Cylinder Heads PCV valves - Corvette Fever Magazine

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