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C6->C5 Front end swap

This is a discussion on C6->C5 Front end swap within the Corvette forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Similarly to how the front ends can be changed on the post-98 and pre-98 trans ams, is it possible to ...

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    C6->C5 Front end swap

    Similarly to how the front ends can be changed on the post-98 and pre-98 trans ams, is it possible to have a C5 front end, and a C6?

    I really dislike the front end of the C6 in comparison to the C5, but the rest of the C6 look leagues better.


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    No. The C5 is wider than the C6. IMO, it would look like crap because the lines wouldnt flow correctly. The C5 has smooth lines while the C6 has sharp lines.

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    Not to mention the differance in length, and the C6 is a front breather, whereas the C5 front end would not give it the airflow it needs from the spoiler alone.
    The C6 front end is a much "dirtier" front end though, being a front breather, something that GM took a considerable time in the windtunnel to overcome. If you look closely, you'll notice that the opening is smaller on the Z06 than the regular model to overcome some of this problem.
    The public gave such an outcry at the front end of the C5 stating that it looked too much like a Pontiac, that it was tops on the list of things that GM must "fix" on the C6. That and tire noise. Taken from Phil Berg's excellent C6 launch book.
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