HEyguys i know thisis an LS1 forum but i was wondering if anybody could help me with this one. My dad has a 69 corvette and it has had a brake problem ever since we bought it. we went through 3 master cylinders 12 stainless steel calipers and countless other parts. anyway we finally fixed it when we found that one of the rear spindles was bent and allowing air to come into the braking system wich i forgot to mention that was the problem. So the brakes have been alright for the past two years or so but not too much driving on them because the car needed some work, but we got itfixed and drivable again put around 100 miles on it and on the highway my dad went to hit the brakes and the pedal went rightto the floor. There are still some brakes left but not enough to stop in a hurry and tat makes things scary. I know that when we bleed the brakes the pedal will come back but what is the real solution so we donthave to keep going through this, any help much appreciated.