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O RLY? Go talk to most of the "good" tuners out there and they'll tell you that unless you have a wild combo you don't "need" a dyno tune. Most dyno tunes on a bolt on car yield maybe an extra horse or two.
Ok I dont know what you want to compare now, but Ill still play ball.

If you have minor bolt ons...I wouldnt even get a tune, but if need be, yeah, Id get a dyno tune.

If you have a "wild combo" I still would get a dyno tune.

In the midst of availability, I cant see how anyone would turn down a dyno tune for a self tune. You get real time data on a dyno. There is no need to go back and do it over, there is no trial and error. Whatever is left ont he table will be found on a dyno...whether the car be stock, bolt-on, or wildly modified.