I'm seeking advice from fellow Vette owners.

My father and I are looking to modify our ZO6s. For my '01 ZO6, I was considering an MTI 402 (R1 cam).

However, my friend has asked if I might be interested in selling my LS6 motor outright as he is looking for a motor for a project Camaro. This has given me the idea of possibly buying the LS7 crate motor instead of upgrading my LS6 to a built 402.

1) Does anyone have an idea of a reasonable asking price for a used (~50k miles) LS6?

2) Does anyone know what all is required for a LS7 motor swap (engine management, programming, oil pan, fit, etc.)? Any cost estimates are appreciated.

3) Any alternative hot combos I should know about (L92/LS2 stroker kits, etc.)?

For context, the '01 has LG long-tube headers, Spec 2+ clutch and intake.

Thank you in advance guys!