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Best looking vette? C5/C6/C7

This is a discussion on Best looking vette? C5/C6/C7 within the Corvette forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by GTP231 327 was the only engine size in '63. 427 was 67 iirc You're right....

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTP231 View Post
    327 was the only engine size in '63. 427 was 67 iirc
    You're right.
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    According to wiki anyway the 396 came out in 65, the 427 in 66.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theorangeguy View Post
    Yep that's the 63. If I remember correctly, the 427 was available in 1963 and I think the 454 was available the following years as well.
    Actually the 396cid 425hp engine was available in 1965 with the 427 (same hp) available in 66 thru 69. Strangely enough the 454 LS6 wasn't available in the 70 MY Corvette. It was only available in the Chevelle SS. 454 LS5 at 390hp (with 500 lbs-ft of torque!) was the best in the 1970 Corvette. This was no doubt due to the insurance companies cracking down on high horsepower engines in the form of surcharges. 1974 MY was the last year for the big block Corvette.
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    Looks wise.... c7 is awesome.
    C4 blow!

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    The non-wide body C6 and C7 Vettes look to plain for me. The C6 ZR1 is the best overall looking in my opinion, and I do like the front view of the C7 Z06. The rear is too busy for me, and it's not even the tail lights. The rear diffuser, the vents, etc....looks like shit. Plus, they have both the Corvette flag logo and letter logo on there. Take the lettering off and leave the flag. Everyone knows it's a Corvette. At least when they had it on the C6 it was part of the body panel and painted over with the rest of the car.
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    I agree the regular c6s look plain. But the c7 is very busy... even the standard model.
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    The C6 was the only car that , upon first site, I immediately wanted to buy.

    Although the '83 was a good looker for its time

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    My vote for c5. May be a bit prejudiced. C5 was one of my bucket list cars.

    I can't count a base c6 and z06/gs/zr1 in same category looks wise. Those flared fenders make it go for meh to woah.

    To this day barbie still prefers the c5.

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    would have to go with the C6
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    Hmmm... seems like I'm the only one who likes the C6 the least of all the styles of Corvette (1st gens don't do much for me, either, though). Prior to the C7, I would have said I like the C5 best for looks (the car looks "manlier" than a C6 to me). But after seeing plenty of C7s driving around, and considering all the engineering they put into it, I feel like the car looks as good as it is (and even though I know nothing about the GenV engines, for some reason, I really like them).
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