I posted this over in the "Almost Anything Goes" topic also, because I thought it might get a few more hits over there. Anyway, here goes. My girlfriend has a 93 Vette that has an issue with it. Last year, she was having the problem of the brake light, Service ASR, and Service ABS lights coming on. Supposedly they found a problem with a ground wire in the wiring harness....a DTC code of 0087, and also the front and rear brake pads were replaced. Everything was fine for a while. Jump ahead to just a few months ago.....

A few months ago, she would get the same lights if you took off from a traffic light, or stop sign with over 50% throttle. That went on for a while, and the lights would go out as soon as the car was turned off and restarted.

Now, the lights are on all the time. The car runs issues other than the lights. Anyone else had this problem, or know what might be wrong before I take it to the dealer? Thanks for any help.