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Is this 700hp vette worth it

This is a discussion on Is this 700hp vette worth it within the Corvette forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I've owned 28 motorcycles since I was 13. I've always preferred to say I RIDE them, as oppossed to DRIVE ...

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    I've owned 28 motorcycles since I was 13. I've always preferred to say I RIDE them, as oppossed to DRIVE them. I drive my cars. Just my lousy assed .02 cents

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    Quote Originally Posted by LS1buckey View Post
    That is a badass car though for the price. Also you are just as much of a led foot as me lol.
    Bullshit. I've never sped in my life and you know it.

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    posting expired...damnit i wanted to c her 2!!

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    I'm not sure about you buying the car as far as your ability to afford the car goes, your monetary status is absolutely none of my business, neither is it the business of any other person on this thread (Those of you on this thread know who you are), but I feel I can shed some light on your insurance concerns.

    I'm also 19 and I've also been through this young age + fast car insurance thing so I think I know WTF I'm talking about.

    As far as insurance, its not cheap but it will all depend on several factors.

    Some basic key factors I can think of off the top of my head are:

    Do you have safe driver status?

    Have you ever been in a previous accident?

    There are no doubt others I failed to mention, but the key factor overall is what kid of vehicle you have. In this area, there are always loopholes to exploit.

    First of all you pay insurance based on the title of the car, the only thing that counts is what is on that is on that piece of paper. If the title says that the car is stock, then that's all the insurance company will see, you will pay the same rates you would if the car was stock. Unless the title specifies that the car is highly modified the rates will be the same as stock, and there is no place on the original title with a line saying: Place mods here. In order to get this kind of a title you would need to visit your local DMV and make a custom one (And I'll bet the title at the dealership right now states that the car is completely stock, hardly anyone makes a custom title unless their cars are show quality or at the Barret Jackson collector car level).

    The guys who posted telling you you're definitely going to have to pay an assload of insurance have no clue what they are talking about. I'm your age, and I've already exploited the system, listen to me!

    Before I had my current car I had a 96 Mustang v6, with 4piston calipers all around, shocks, a full exhaust, and vortech on enough boost to match a cobra. I payed only $105 a month on insurance when I was 16, why, because the title read: 96 v6 mustang. As far as the insurance company was concerned I was driving a regular 96 v6 mustang.

    I don't give a damn how many cubic inches you have, how much horsepower you have, or if you have ten turbochargers on your car, with a regular title you will still pay the same insurance rate as the next guy parked next to you with a stock corvette.

    The insurance company has no way of knowing whats under your hood. Don't ever let any of these other guys tell you otherwise.

    Obviously this seems like a pretty good loophole, but the downside of not getting a custom title is if God forbid you get into an accident or something happens to your car, they, the insurance company, will only cover whats on the title, which would be "stock everything." They will not cover your expensive parts, your mods or anything else, they will only pay enough to get your car back to stock condition. Life catches up to bite you in the ass sometimes.

    So if you are a safe driver, a good and experienced driver, and aren't prone to doing stupid things, you may want to consider the insurance title loophole and pay less insurance.

    If you are prone to doing stupid things, are dearly afraid of anything happening to the car, or have a lot of money to blow on insurance, then just to be safe, you may want to consider getting a new title.

    I'm not telling you to go for one or the other, I have no idea what your status is as a driver, much less is it any of my business. In the end you will be the best judge of that, the choice is yours.

    Whatever your choice, from one hot rodder to another, I wish you the best of luck on your quest to getting the car you want, and hopefully the insurance rates you want.

    Good luck.
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