2006 Chevrolet Corvette - Subtle In Red

Think this '06 Corvette is all OEM? Owner Bobby Chestnut says, "Think Again!"The result of Bobby's additions and upgrades? A car that surprised a lot of C5/C6 Bash attendees, including our own Alan Colvin. "I've known Alan for a few years, and when he looked at my car, he didn't see a whole bunch of things until it was parked next to a stock one," Bobby says. "He said, 'That's really sort of subtle in red, but it's subtle."inline_mediumwraptextrightFloor mats from Lloyd's, and red accents from Speed Lingerie brighten an otherwise-original C6 cabin.25947611/featuredvehicles/corp_1001_2006_chevrolet_corvettecorp_1001_04+2006 _chevrolet_corvette_coupe+.jpgTrue

Photo Gallery: 2006 Chevrolet Corvette - Subtly Customized LS2-Powered C6 Coupe - Corvette Fever Magazine

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