1965 Chevrolet Corvette - Red Rod

Dave Laney's '65 Vette Rod is brilliant from top to bottomIsn't this the reddest Midyear you've ever seen? A lot of folks, especially those with crimson-hued Top Flight winners may disagree. But, if Jerry Heasley's photos are any indication, this one glows like a lit taillight when the sun hits its finish. "I spent about 200 hours with a random-orbital buffer on that body," says its owner, Dave Laney. "The more I worked on that paint, the deeper and more metallic it appeared," he says of the House of Kolor Cimarron Red that covers its original fiberglass.inline_mediumwraptextright27527746/featuredvehicles/corp_1002_1965_chevrolet_corvettecorp_1002_01+1965 _chevrolet_corvette+.jpgTrue

Photo Gallery: 1965 Chevrolet Corvette - Big-Block-Powered Midyear Roadster Vette Rod - Corvette Fever Magazine

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