1954 Chevrolet Corvette - The Joy Of Six

Steve Howard's garage-found Top Flight '54 roadster is a generational bridge for his familyThe '54 Corvette was a lot of things. A lot of different things, compared to the first-year '53s. That fact started with the move of Corvette production from Flint to St. Louis and the end to Flint's "Great Spatula Shortage," caused when Chevrolet bought every spatula they could find in Flint to work the resin into the new Vette body's glass-fiber cloth and it continued with the addition of three more color choices to the original Polo White, and through running changes made during the '54 model run like a camshaft that added five horsepower to the Blue Flame Six's advertised total of 150. (Remember, this was when, according to popular legend, a good horse could outrun a Chevy, at least for the first mile.)inline_mediumwraptextright25950704/featuredvehicles/corp_1001_1954_chevrolet_corvettecorp_1001_01+1954 _chevrolet_corvette+.jpgTrue

Photo Gallery: 1954 Chevrolet Corvette - Garage-Found NCRS Top Flight '54 Roadster - Corvette Fever Magazine

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