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Is WS.6/ SS faster than Z28 / Trans am?

This is a discussion on Is WS.6/ SS faster than Z28 / Trans am? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by illcul8troffcr Well from logic .. an engine that breathes better (better induction and exhaust) runs better. So ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by illcul8troffcr View Post
    Well from logic .. an engine that breathes better (better induction and exhaust) runs better. So the SS and WS6 should be faster by at least a small amount. I think the difference comes down to value and resale value as well as production numbers. Thats where the SS or WS6 title will come into play and make it more of a valuable item.

    Think about older muscle cars. Z28's are nice but SS' are going to pull more money. Plus from a collectors standpoint more desireable. I say F#$% it if youre going to buy something by the best of the class youre going for ...Cars are like shoes.. yea some are just as comfortable but why buy lower end model when you can get the brand new one for a few dollars more and be on top of your game?

    I agree if your going for resale value, but it is off topic for the thread. When talking what is faster for stock the striper versions are going to win.

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    Actually in 98 when I bought my first z28 I was reading a comparison of the SS to the Z and the Z won every race out of ten in the 1/4. They said it was due to tire size and the heavier rims which makes plenty of sense. The WS6 and SS sure do look better IMO.

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