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Working on the and need advice before I start?

This is a discussion on Working on the and need advice before I start? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey guys I'm here in chicago working on my 98 firebird formula A4 and I need to change a single ...

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    Working on the and need advice before I start?

    Hey guys I'm here in chicago working on my 98 firebird formula A4 and I need to change a single fuel injector specifically cyclinder 7, my questions are about taking off the fuel rail and switching out the injector?
    I was wondering if you guys knew of any write ups step by step on doing this right? I know it's not hard but I just wanna make sure it's all good!

    I heard I need a special tool aswell? It looks like an X what Is it for and when will I need also what us it?

    Any advice or steps to accomplish this will help alot!!!!

    to be specific about what I'm trying to do is I have a misfire in cylider 7 and I've changed everything except the fuel injector and if this doesn't do the only other thing I can think of is the injectors signal wire to the ground shorted, or bad PCM : (

    Thanks guys for helping me out I'm still in the learning process of working on this car on my own!!!

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    Remove the fuel rail bolts, and the whole assembly comes out. Just make sure you pull the injectors out slowly and evenly. Pretty straight forward.

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    The tool you are talking about is probably a disconnect for the fuel line. You can probably get one at any auto parts store for cheap. Make sure you have releived fuel pressure first.

    You said that you replaced some things and it sounds like you have had no luck. Have you checked spark at the end of the plug wire? I assume you changed the plug as well. Have you ohmed the suspect injector? Checked for battery power at the injector? If it ohms good and has power I would listen to the injector while the car is running to see if you can hear it firing. You can use a long extension or stethescope, one end touching the injector the other up to your ear and you will hear a clicking sound if it is firing. If it isn't, it is possible the driver circuit is bad for that injector so you will need a noid light. If it doesn't flash like it is supposed to then probably got a broken wire between the injector and the PCM. I would check those first, could be something internal as well causing the miss, bent pushrod? Let us know what you find.
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