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Wont stay running

This is a discussion on Wont stay running within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Ok so I have a 99 trans am start up fine gets to operating temp and the engine starts sputtering ...

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    Wont stay running

    Ok so I have a 99 trans am start up fine gets to operating temp and the engine starts sputtering and dies. Sometimes it will fire right back up other times i have to wait several minutes. Anyone have any ideas??

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    water temp sensor??? It goes from closed to open loop and gets pig rich and floods the engine. This would explain why it sometimes takes a min to start back after it dies. After my header install mine was broke and did this until I fixed it.

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    First thing to check is fuel pressure. Pumps can get weak when hot. An easy check. Should be 55-60 PSI key on engine off, I believe. Should come right up to pressure quickly, for 2 seconds, then the pump shuts off when you do the initial key on. To check again, turn the key off, then turn it to on without starting the engine again, as necessary, to check KOEO fuel pressure.

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    If you don't have any codes you need to tell us is it loading up (black smoke, gas smell, etc.) or leaning out - detonation, no black smoke, etc.

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