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Will removing my AIR system cause any damage?

This is a discussion on Will removing my AIR system cause any damage? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I ripped mine out. I think the tubing is in there for the AIR though, not the intake side though ...

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    I ripped mine out. I think the tubing is in there for the AIR though, not the intake side though I took that out. I should probably look into that

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKIRA View Post
    Ok, is it a bitch to rip out? Do I get it from under or over?
    I took it all out. You can get at it easier from the bottom.

    As for long term effects on the cats, I don't think it hurts them. The air injected in the exhaust stream is (as stated above) to there to help them heat up faster for emissions purposes. I think it's mainly there becuase a vast majority of people hop in their car, start it up and take off right away. Until your car gets up to temp, it's programmed from the factory to run rich. The AIR pump heats up the cats faster to counter act the rich emissions during that warmup period.

    For me, I don't go anywhere until my car's up to temps because it's not healthy for my dual valve spring setup. So, I highly doubt there are any adverse effects of me removing my AIR system.
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    Is this the first time ever that you'll be touching these parts???

    If it sure that you're on the right path, it's hard to take the risk. I was playing a know-all-mechanic just to impress someone so I did it with my friends' Mercedes engine parts then tadaaaaaa! I messed up with it!

    Then my friend sworn not to let me touch his wheels again

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