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Wierd problem

This is a discussion on Wierd problem within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; On my GTO, went outside to go to work this morning. Started the car let it warm up (27 degrees ...

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    Wierd problem

    On my GTO, went outside to go to work this morning. Started the car let it warm up (27 degrees this morning woot). Backed up and turned around. Started to go foreward and it felt like the car was spinning a tad (frost on the gravel). Then it died. Started it back up to leave and it was like the parking brake was engaged but it was not. Kept killing the car. Turned of trac control and just gave it more gas before letting off the clutch and it finally broke free and drove normally after but it definately did not want to. Never did this before and was fine in reverse. This is my first stick shift car in a long time and first time I've had regular use of the parking brake is this a parking brake going out thing or something else. I'll probably pull it apart tomorrow to look just want to get a heads up before I start. No squeaks, squeals, or other brake related noises and stops fine. Parking brake holds good as well.

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    was it raining out the day before?

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    I think your problem was a frozen parking brake. Once it broke free, every thing waqs okay. A frozen parking brake works that way. The way to stop it is not to set the parking brake on wat nights that the temp. will be below freezing.

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