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Wideband O2 Sensors?

This is a discussion on Wideband O2 Sensors? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I've got a LS1/LS6 performance how-to book that suggests mods and tuning options. It has a small caption in it ...

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    Wideband O2 Sensors?

    I've got a LS1/LS6 performance how-to book that suggests mods and tuning options. It has a small caption in it that talks about wideband O2 sensors really giving the best tuning info and/or PCM A/F management., but I wonder if their worth the price...and if they are permanent or only temporary sensors for tuning. I feel like a dumbass asking this, but what are they and will they help me tweek my car. I have an '01 Z28 with cold air intake (SLP) L/T headers and cat-back exhaust. I'm not sure of the make of the headers, cats, or cat-back, I'm thinking factory SLP, but I have four sensors in place. I'm trying to set my car up with al the little things before I go the cam/head route.

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    Read this for an install. LC-1 install

    A WB a very nice thing to have. Its a must if you plan on tuning yourself with HP Tuners. LC1 stays in car, LM1 is removed from car to car.

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    ask as many questions as you feel necessary because not only will it help you, it will also help other people down the road.
    Here's what I recommend and take it as just my opinion because that's all it is really. If you're going to do heads/cam down the road I would put a wideband on whether you're planning on doing your own tuning or not. The reason being is that it's nice to know at a glance where your AFR is and it can also alert you to issues with the tune/car. If you plan on tackling the tuning yourself it is absolutely necessary to have a wideband and I wouldn't even tune without it. You can tune without it but it would be guess work as to how good your tune actually was.
    There are both portable and permanent widebands. There are also several companies out there that sell affordable widebands. I use innovates stuff but have read good things about the NGK AFX wideband which is another affordable unit. My experience has only been with innovates LC1 and LM1 but I'd like to try out the NGK unit sometime.

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