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Why do I smell antifreeze?

This is a discussion on Why do I smell antifreeze? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; When I drive my 02 Z28 I can smell antifreeze when I get out of the car. I DON'T smell ...

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    Why do I smell antifreeze?

    When I drive my 02 Z28 I can smell antifreeze when I get out of the car. I DON'T smell it IN the car, only when I get out of the car. What would be causing this? Thanks.

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    Check your heater core and make sure it isn't leaking. If it was your carpet on the passenger side would most likely smell like it. That and perhaps the glove box.
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    You most likely have a small coolant leak somewhere. First, take a look at your radiator cap as there have been issues with them sealing when they get older. After that, carefully look over all the tubing and hoses, including the air bleeds, throttle body, heater hoses and radiator hoses. You should also take a look at the overflow bottle (under the battery) and the water pump. Head gasket is also a possibility, but not especially common on our cars. Let us know what you find.

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    06 duramax have a leak under the hood somewhere. Usually not that hard to find. Just start chasing hoses down and there's a crossover pipe that runs between the heads. There are little rubber o-rings on that where it bolts down to the head....check there too.

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    Check all your hoses , make sure you look closely at the radiator they tend to build small cracks and leak through there.

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