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Where'd my power go?

This is a discussion on Where'd my power go? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by NinerSevenTango I don't have a shop manual, but I think the pressure is supposed to stay put ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NinerSevenTango
    I don't have a shop manual, but I think the pressure is supposed to stay put under all driving conditions, not drop to 3 to 10.
    I know it seems kind of weird, but the pressure is supposed to drop by 3 to 10 when you go from key on (but engine off) to engine on at idle. This is what it says both in the Haynes manual and in the information that came with the pressure gauge -- from the description that came with the gauge: "If your vehicles fuel system uses a vacuum actuated (compensated) fuel pressure regulator then fuel pressure should drop approximately 3-10 psi, depending on manifold vacuum." Haynes also gives the same drop by 3-10 specification. If it doesn't, Haynes says to hook a vacuum pump up to the pressure regulator, apply vacuum, and see if the pressure then drops. If the vacuum pump causes it to drop, then you should "repair the vacuum source to the regulator". If the vacuum pump doesn't get it to drop, then you replace the regulator. Unfortuntely, I don't know where the pressure regulator is to hook up the vacuum pump to do this test. As far as I know, it's inside the fuel tank with the rest of the fuel pump components, meaning I'm not going to mess with it.

    So my best guess now is that my pressure regulator is not functioning right, or that there is some sort of clog in the fuel system, possibly in the return line. I'm thinking since I'm not a mechanical expert and have limited tools, I should probably take it to a shop and have them try to fix it.

    Since my pressure is going up when it's supposed to be dropping, I'm thinking I may be running at a rich condition. Either way, my accelration is absolutely terrible. I did say it was smooth, but that may be somewhat relative -- I can tell that something just isn't right. It really does feel like it's just not getting enough gas or air.

    Thanks for your other suggestions though. I need all the help I can get. I really want to get her running right again. Anyway, I'll keep you posted on what it turns out to be.

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    After the fuel pressure test i would deff. run a compression test just to rule out any mechanical failure such as bad rings(doubt it) or valve not closing properly. If everything turns out ok then no internal worries and you can focus on something else.
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    OK i finally got my car back from the body shop and was able to fix my driveability issues by removing the mass air flow sensor and taking the end housing off.I was then able to clean the little wires which were really dirty simply by wiping them down with dry q-tips .This changed how the car drove alot.It now pulls much harder and no more stumbling or hesitating.This I think will fix your problem,have you tried to clean it yet?Anyway I put new plugs and wires after I cleaned the MAF.The back 3 on the passengers side were a mother----er.It took me like 3 or 3 1/2 hours.I did it all from above without removing coil packs.Anyway hope this will help you.

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    i agree with the plugs and wires, maybe your babying too much these cars like to run. Take it for a good highway run and let those ponys gallop lol

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